Six silent fishes

Little Owl and I have had a lovely couple of days with our good friend Steady Hands. We took Steady Hands for a walk in the woods and found an injured magpie in a cage. He looked like he was being well-cared for until he is strong enough to fend for himself again. We didn’t get too close as we didn’t want to frighten him. I suspect his carer is our brusque but big-hearted next door neighbour.

Little Owl must be part magpie. We have been getting our things together ready for our summer holidays to the Scilly Isles. My system is to lay everything out in the spare bedroom first. The danger is that, as I lay things out, Little Owl wanders off with an item that has caught her eye. Later on I find little treasure stashes of holiday items around the house. I hope I find them all before we go!

Also, here is my latest haiku.

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