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D&AD work

As promised, here are the two pieces I will be taking along to show at the D&AD New Blood show. They’re natural history posters aimed at primary school children. The idea is that they can be used as window stickers … Continue reading

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Haring along

In the late part of this afternoon, on our way home from visiting friends, Little Owl and I encountered a hare on the road. He bounded out of an open gateway in the hedgerow before turning to gallop along beside … Continue reading

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To-ings and fro-ings

Following on from yesterday’s post I’ve been thinking that it’s been a bit of a week for thinking about death and loss. Now that’s a cheerful way to start! Little Owl discovered a baby rabbit dead underneath our garden bench … Continue reading

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Molly Drake

I missed Mark Radcliffe’s folk show on Radio 2 last night so have been catching up on it this afternoon via the iplayer. The show was dedicated to the musician and singer-songwriter, Nick Drake, who sadly died in 1974. He … Continue reading

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First bites

Yesterday evening I got my first midge bites of the season. It’s the curse of Scottish summers. The sun finally comes out and you’re bitten to pieces. We were at the next village along from ours and that’s where I … Continue reading

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That’s all folks

Yesterday we dismantled the degree show at college. It came down a lot quicker than it went up. As a last little reminder I’ve put up a picture from my fellow illustrator, Maisie Shearing’s stand. This is a beautiful model … Continue reading

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Solemn business

As I write the sky is a soft blue streaked with pink. The windows of the house are flung open. It has been a beautiful summer’s day and the long hours of daylight up here turn the evening into an … Continue reading

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Rituals and results

I love the rituals of warm summer evenings. In the garden I visit all my little plants with the watering can, taking my time to congratulate myself on a new leaf or occasionally console myself over a loss. Green shoots … Continue reading

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