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Time. It’s a slippery thing. There have been seasons of my life where I’ve had too much of it, waiting for it to pass, knowing that each ticking second is a second’s worth of healing, or a countdown to freedom. … Continue reading

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January often sees me turning reflective, seeking out essayists like Kathleen Jamie and Alistair McIntosh, to give me the words and images to navigate the dark winter days. Old folk songs sing of the ‘ghosts’ that visit us at this … Continue reading

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Picture Books 2021

We spent a truly magical Christmas, and I hope you did too. We even found snow up in the Yorkshire Dales, which was nearly better than all the presents. Back at home, the water meadows beside the river were flooded. … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas

We returned to a brief bit of routine this week after our spot of Covid isolation and before the festive holidays start. I remained negative throughout, and thankfully, none of us are worse the wear, though we have emerged into … Continue reading

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Now the whole household has tested positive for Covid, except me… and though I’d like to put my good health down to a particularly strong and superior constitution, I think my Covid booster in October may be the key contributing … Continue reading

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Definitely spoke too soon. Big Dreamer has Covid (like a bad cold, he says), and I am tireder than ever while he’s out of action, and also have a sore knee. That is all.

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Too soon

I spoke too soon. Our brief foray into normality has been brought back down to earth with a bump… the school Christmas play is off! And you can guess why… rising numbers of Covid. There was me bemoaning Christmas songs … Continue reading

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Time flies

It only seems five minutes ago that I was handing out burgers at the school fireworks display, cursing anyone who asked for onions, which are never easily served at speed and in the dark! So, I had to pinch myself … Continue reading

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Oak trees

This is a favourite bench under an oak tree where I have sat to eat my lunch, on many of my rounds as a District Nurse. It seems a little silly to talk of saying farewell to hedgerows and trees … Continue reading

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Half term adventures

Half term was full of adventures… On Friday, I visited the dinkiest, but most perfect bookshop in Mirfield, West Yorkshire, called Through The Wardrobe, to sign copies of The Spellbinding Secret of Avery Buckle. I dropped off some extra goodies … Continue reading

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