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This week at Little Owl’s nursery they have had some eggs in an incubator and it has caused a major stir. Every day the children have been able to go and visit the eggs. Each morning Little Owl has been … Continue reading

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Spinning plates

Near the beginning of this academic year I remember posting about how five weeks of the term had already flown past. Well now there are only five and half weeks until final hand in. I am just about keeping all … Continue reading

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Singing wrens

Although the countryside around us is covered in piles of snow and the skies are thick with grey cloud a little wren has been singing joyfully outside my window this morning. I’m always amazed at the volume that comes out … Continue reading

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Birthday cake

I looked out of the window this morning to see several centimetres of snow on the ground and quite a few more falling from the sky. ‘I really don’t have time for this,’ is what I thought to myself. Things … Continue reading

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Comet Pan-STARRS

We have been scanning the skies for comet Pan-STARRS over the last few evenings. It’s supposed to be particularly close to the sun just now, so very visible. Not if you live in Scotland however! Low lying snow clouds have … Continue reading

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This weekend we climbed up the track to meet the first lot of lambs who have arrived on the farm. The snow swirled around us in gusts. Goodness only knows what happened to spring. The lambs were nice and comfy … Continue reading

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Flower girl duties

This is a wedding invitation I designed for my lovely brother-in-law and his fiancee. I can put it up here for you to see as the invitations have just been sent out to the guests. It doesn’t have the green border, … Continue reading

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Firefly Magazine

It is with much excitement that I can post about my little children’s magazine. We’re nearly finished with the first issue, which will be out on 1st May. It’s called Firefly and it’s all about nature, the seasons, being outdoors … Continue reading

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Fairy woods

Today was another glorious day in Scotland (sorry Dad, I know it’s still gloomy down with you). We headed out to a brilliant place called Pressmennan Wood, which is owned by the Woodland Trust. It’s not an easy place to … Continue reading

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