Pia’s Competition No. 3, 4 & 5

We are off on our summer holidays this evening. Little Owl will be bathed and put to bed in the car and then we’ll begin our slow migration south. Hence I am releasing the next three instalments of Pia’s competition now as we will not have access to a computer for most of the time…so plenty of time to think about it! My clue for the first one is an entrance to a new life. I’m not giving a clue for the second. For the third, like so many forests this one will soon be extinct. Phew, I don’t make it easy do I?!

Little Owl has been sat on her camping chair by the front door wearing her wellies and clasping her stacking cups and a bag of books. I think she’s ready to go. Just to persuade Big Dreamer not to bring his precious chilli plants now. I promise to return with fistfuls of sketches and loads of stories.

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  1. An Edinburgh native with not so steady hands says:

    Clean sweep even without the clues, ECA evolution house entrance, middle meadow walk, the forest cafe.

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