Pia’s Competition No.2

Here is the second instalment of Pia’s competition. It’s a bit of holiday fun to remind her of Scotland but you can join in too. Where is this in Edinburgh? It’s quite a tricky one so I’ll give you a little clue…The Illusionist.

This morning I discovered something truly horrific. There had been a massacre in the garden. Overnight the slugs had munched through my pea plants. They had got through netting, tree branches, camouflage, and slug pellets. There is literally nothing left. I have eight pea plants hidden in another spot in the garden (I won’t mention where in case the slugs are listening in). Little Owl and I held a brief moment of silence in memory of our fallen comrades.

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One Response to Pia’s Competition No.2

  1. Linda Foley says:

    Until your clue i thought i knew straight away! not so sure now. I will text u my answer. So sorry about the peas what will your shepherdess have to say about it!

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