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We are just back from a week in Northumberland over the Easter holidays. Lots of family, lots of laughter, and lots of fine food – perfect! I think I may have put on about a stone though. We stayed in … Continue reading

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Running Beans

Over the last few weeks Little Owl and I have turned our house into a nursery for seedlings. Every inch of available space within growing reach of sunlight is covered in little newspaper pots full of germinating (we hope!) seeds. … Continue reading

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Something I really enjoy about being on holiday is waking up slowly. It’s lovely to lie in bed and listen to everything coming to life outside. Little Owl pretty much didn’t sleep for the first year of her life so … Continue reading

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Springing into blogging

The swallows arrived yesterday on the farm so now seems a good time to make the jump and start blogging. Last year we left our old lives behind and headed for the hills. We are Hannah Foley (aka Owl), my … Continue reading

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