Half term adventures

Half term was full of adventures…

Author, Hannah Foley, visits Through The Wardrobe Books. All rights reserved (www.hannah-foley.co.uk)

On Friday, I visited the dinkiest, but most perfect bookshop in Mirfield, West Yorkshire, called Through The Wardrobe, to sign copies of The Spellbinding Secret of Avery Buckle. I dropped off some extra goodies as well, which are available when you buy a signed copy of the book from their website.

The cat trail, York. All rights reserved (www.hannah-foley.co.uk)

On Saturday, we did the cat trail in York, in honour of Avery Buckle and Halloween. In medieval times, people put up statues of cats on the buildings in the city to frighten away rats which spread disease. Some of the statues are still there and others have been replaced with new ones. It was fun spotting them amongst the twisting, turning streets of York.

Author, Hannah Foley, visits Blue House Bookshop. All rights reserved (www.hannah-foley.co.uk)

And what better place to end our trail, than the Blue House Bookshop, a rather beautiful, specialist children’s bookshop on Gillygate? There I signed some more copies of Avery Buckle.

Author, Hannah Foley, visits Imagined Things bookshop. All rights reserved (www.hannah-foley.co.uk)

Then on Sunday, I headed over to the fabulous indie bookshop, Imagined Things, for an Avery Buckle-themed author event. We had Avery-themed biscuits, activities, crafts, and prizes for fancy dress. The witches’ door even graced us with its presence for a selfie station! Thank you so much to all those who came! It was a very special afternoon. And huge thanks to all the hardworking booksellers out there, sharing books with new readers up and down the country.

This week it is back to earth with a bump. I start my new job as an MS Nurse Specialist tomorrow!

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  1. Sally Farrant says:

    love this and glad you have an exciting new venture in your other career

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