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Plants for such-and-such a spot

Big Dreamer’s parents have an incredible garden. My eyes were nearly popping out with envy when we visited them last week. On arriving home, by contrast, our plot looked pretty wretched. It’s not for want of trying but I think … Continue reading

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Fortress building

Here’s what I got up to today. As you can see from my sketchbook I’d been hatching this plan for a while! It’s all about keeping the competition out. First of all, choice of crop. Broad beans appear surprisingly frost … Continue reading

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Ode to a Tumble Drier

Snow is pouring from the sky this morning. The ground and the sky are exactly the same blinding whiteness. I am grateful to the snow because it is covering over our lawn which was feeling quite sorry for itself with … Continue reading

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This evening I have been watching the rooks coming in to roost across the still evening sky. Today we dug up half the potatoes in the vegetable patch only to find that something had gnawed and chewed its way through … Continue reading

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