Plants for such-and-such a spot

Big Dreamer’s parents have an incredible garden. My eyes were nearly popping out with envy when we visited them last week. On arriving home, by contrast, our plot looked pretty wretched. It’s not for want of trying but I think our relative inexperience and the harsh conditions mean creating a garden here is an uphill struggle. For every plant that survives several haven’t. Nevertheless, although our garden doesn’t compare with a lot of other gardens I’m really pleased with where we’ve got too. We’re rarely without colour somewhere.

Since moving here I’ve been quick to snap up those gardening articles that suggest solutions to problematic parts of the garden. You know the sort: ‘What to put in dry corners and beds’. So I thought I’d do a post about what has survived in our garden. This is the ‘What to put in your hillside, windblown, rainswept, dust-for-soil, near constant rain, occasionally turns into a water course, has been known to hit minus 20, rabbit-gnawed and holed, mole-undermined, slugged, mouse-nibbled, rat-trodden, weed infested garden.’ I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t like all the plants I’m listing. If I had a garden that is everything ours isn’t I’d be a great deal more picky, but the point is these plants are not dead. So here we go:

list of plants by Hannah Foley ( I forgot potatoes: everywhere, they grow everywhere! Especially in places we definitely didn’t plant a potato.

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  1. Linda says:

    You are very kind about our garden but looking at it today, seeing all the weeds and the poor soil we have a lot to do to improve it!! Have a wonderful time at Just So, look forward to your blog! love u all xxx

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