Ode to a Tumble Drier

Snow is pouring from the sky this morning. The ground and the sky are exactly the same blinding whiteness. I am grateful to the snow because it is covering over our lawn which was feeling quite sorry for itself with over 30 mole hills. At least then I can’t see the damage. Big Dreamer and Little Owl were out first thing moving the tops of the hills into planters so the grass can grow back. They were amused to find that, because the ground was so cold, the mole hills could be levered off in one piece.

As some of you know last year I got a bit obsessed with my chest freezer. In all the carnage of the winter it kept us fed whenever we got snowed in. This year it has been my tumble drier. Don’t get me wrong, I know a tumble drier is a complete luxury and really there is nothing like line-dried clothes. We were given this one second hand if it makes any difference (and we’re very grateful). The toddler group mums were all discussing this one wet cold morning. Yes, a total luxury but so handy for “finishing things off”. That was the phrase that rippled round the table, “finishing things off”, and it’s so true. In a country where in winter the water content of the air itself rises significantly it’s impossible to get things totally dry. The stove is lovely to dry things beside but there are only so many pairs of mini pants, socks and vests you can rotate before you go completely mad. So, here’s to tumble driers and “finishing things off”.

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  1. Linda Foley says:

    Had this lovely picture of Big Dreamer shoveling up mountains with Little Owl looking on saying wow! Clever daddy!!

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