Fortress building

Here’s what I got up to today. As you can see from my sketchbook I’d been hatching this plan for a while! It’s all about keeping the competition out. First of all, choice of crop. Broad beans appear surprisingly frost resistant (found that out by accident last year) so ideal for growing in Scotland. Next, a raised bed. This was built by my Dad last year from a reject fence post from the farm. The plan with this one is that the moles will carry on their usual burrowing but the beans will be raised above the damage zone. Then netting all around the growing frame to keep the rabbits out. Finally, copious amounts of slug pellets and egg shells around the base of each bean plant. The only ones I haven’t got covered are the mice. If this doesn’t work I intend to start employing security.

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  1. Reuben says:

    apparently coffee is great for slugs (according to my horticulture class)

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