This week at Little Owl’s nursery they have had some eggs in an incubator and it has caused a major stir. Every day the children have been able to go and visit the eggs. Each morning Little Owl has been desperate to get back into nursery to check on their progress. First the eggs started wobbling, then they started cracking, and then…well, you can see! Little Owl was delighted that one tried to nibble her thumb when she’d been allowed to hold it.

Such a lovely thing to do with the children in the lead up to Easter. As you’d expect in the busy run up to final hand-in, Easter has sort of crept up on me and now it’s Good Friday. Happy Easter every one!

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  1. Linda says:

    Happy Easter to our lovely young Owling about family, from the Beeing about oldies in Yorkshire!! Will be thinking about u all rolling those eggs in the snow!!

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