Fairy woods

Today was another glorious day in Scotland (sorry Dad, I know it’s still gloomy down with you). We headed out to a brilliant place called Pressmennan Wood, which is owned by the Woodland Trust. It’s not an easy place to find. We were well on our way to Eyemouth over the Lammermuir Hills the first time we went wrong. The second time the track got gradually narrower and rougher and narrower and rougher until we eventually bumped our way into a farmyard. Hmmm, not that way either then. We decided to ask for directions at the village of Stenton from two ladies sat on a bench in the sun. “Oh yes, it’s up that road there,” they nodded, “but good luck!” With such classic Scottish optimism ringing in our ears we did at last pull into the car park, only half an hour late for a picnic with our friends.

Pressmennan Wood is supposed to be one of the last traces of the native ancient woodland that used to cover Scotland. It is also one of only four true lakes in Scotland, the rest being lochs. I was teased for spouting this fact today because they all thought that loch was Scottish for lake. I can find nothing to contradict them on google so if anyone has the answer do shout up.

Pressmennan is also home to the fantastical Glingbobs and Tootflits. Their little houses are dotted all over the wood and the kids were absolutely delighted by them. I have to say that with snowdrops dotting the verges, and sunlight pouring in shafts through breaks in the trees I was pretty delighted with Pressmennan wood too. There was definitely a bit of magic about the place. The magic didn’t seem to work on Big Dreamer however who wondered if enough money had been left at the front door of this little house for him to buy a pint with later – honestly!

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  1. Linda says:

    Magical. would love to go there. xxx

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