Spinning plates

Near the beginning of this academic year I remember posting about how five weeks of the term had already flown past. Well now there are only five and half weeks until final hand in. I am just about keeping all my plates spinning. I’ve dropped a few but nothing too serious (yet!). The house needs a good scrub from top to bottom but that will have to wait. I’ve forgotten birthdays (sorry Jess!) but I’m hoping to be forgiven. My hair needs a good cut but I think I might be getting away with it by wearing it up all the time.

I’m probably being totally delusional about my plate spinning skills. It reminds me of the time just after Little Owl had been born and we made the epic journey up to Edinburgh for my interview at the College of Art. I thought I was doing so well. Everyone told me I looked so well. The photos tell a different story however. I was well and truly haggard. Yet I look back on it and I’m glad; glad we did it and have experienced all we have in the last three years. So tell me I look well and I’ll pretend I do and then we can all look back at the photos and say, “My goodness you looked haggard.”

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