Thank goodness for Tupperware!

We travelled home today along the A68. It follows the route of an old roman road so you can see it rising and falling over the landscape ahead of you in a dead straight line for miles. It also covers some really spectacular scenery. Little Owl is in the process of potty training (she’ll thank me for for mentioning that when she’s older!) so the journey was ponderous. We thought the safest thing was to pop her in a nappy then we wouldn’t have to worry but Little Owl was not having any of this. “Peepee Daddy!” she exclaimed and we piled out of the car by the roadside. “No, no Mummy. Cold” she told me as I pulled down her pants by the side of the road. This was probably fair enough as it was a breezy spot. “Potty?” she asked. This also seemed a valid point. No, we didn’t have a potty and seeing it from her point of view it did seem outrageous for me to be asking her to pee in the verge after all my previous emphasis on toilets. Hence, Big Dreamer’s mum’s flapjack was unceremoniously tipped into a nappy bag (clean I promise) so we could use the tupperware for a potty. Thank goodness for tupperware because that was the first of many many toilet stops for Little Owl. Each time I took on the manically excited face of the parent involved in potty training saying, “Well done darling. Clap, clap!” Meanwhile Big Dreamer silently bashed his head against the steering wheel moaning, “We have stopped every twenty minutes since the A1. She can’t need to go again!”

And here is my latest haiku…

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  1. BD says:

    Roadside – verge of grass…
    Suddenly a little shower,
    Splashes on held pot!

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