White-Faced Woodland

Little Owl and I have been having a wonderful few days back in Yorkshire. Although today is heavy rain we have had lots of sunshine for our trip up until now. On Thursday we went to the Yorkshire Show…sorry, mustn’t forget the Great Yorkshire Show!

And it was great. Little Owl particularly loved the tractors and the pigs. I hadn’t realised quite how mobile a pig’s snout is! The cheeses were also a hit. I think the ladies giving out samples wereย a bit taken aback by Little Owl’s appetite for strong blue cheese. Little Owl didn’t quite get the point of samples and kept going back for more. I’m pretty sure she’d got through a whole round of stilton before I managed to drag her away. Just around the corner from the pigs I bumped into the chaps in the photo…some White-faced Woodland sheep. I recognised them straight away from doing my sheep book and I loved reading all the sheep breed names that I’ve come to know so well.

On a different note, I found out the name of the plant I’d drawn from the Scilly Isles in my last post but one. It is a Hottentot Fig. Apparently it was brought over from South Africa where the fruit ripens sufficiently to be turned into jam.

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