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During my trip to Yorkshire I was able to go back and visit my old work. I had been involved in a project to bring art work into a patient area but had not seen it fully finished. The area in question had been purpose built but unfortunately little thought had been given to the fact that real live human beings would be trying to recover from some of the most serious illnesses in the hospital in that space. We worked with patients, relatives and a local artist to come up with what you see here. All artwork had to be washable for infection reasons so the artist created these amazing vinyls for the walls. It was a tough brief as he had to keep it clean and professional while also being sensitive and reassuring. I was particularly impressed with the patterns he created for the lights above each bed, which you can see in the second picture. Imagine lying on your back for maybe weeks on end staring up at that blank light. The leaf motif is a definite improvement. Unfortunately I have totally forgotten the artist’s name but I will find out and give him full credit here I promise!

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  1. norma tait says:

    Good to see the fruition of the hospital project. It made me appreciate how far you have come since then and what a pivotal moment that was. You inspire me to work. Thank you. Birdie sends love too.

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