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Queen Elsa and the Three Kings

Little Owl and I spent a morning on the allotment planting out strawberry runners on a bare patch and putting the dahlias to bed. None of the old chaps dig their dahlias up for the winter so we’ve followed their … Continue reading

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Christmas Party

The world and his wife were at the supermarket this morning, looking harassed as they manoeuvred brimming trolleys of Christmas goodies through the crowds. A friendly manager cheered everyone up in our queue by giving out chocolates. Fortunately we only … Continue reading

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Father Christmas vacancy

This morning was bright and frosty. Ollie the new sheepdog puppy was tearing around the farmyard. She has earned herself the name of ‘The Mouth on Legs’ for her propensity to chew everything in her path. This is a piece I’ve been … Continue reading

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