Christmas Party

Illustration of the village Christmas party by Hannah Foley ( world and his wife were at the supermarket this morning, looking harassed as they manoeuvred brimming trolleys of Christmas goodies through the crowds. A friendly manager cheered everyone up in our queue by giving out chocolates. Fortunately we only had to pick up a few essentials as we are travelling down to Yorkshire for Christmas.

We returned home to a house without electricity (again!). The snow was falling thickly, turning to wet slush as it hit the ground. The greyness of the day made it feel like dusk inside without the lights on. We lit candles and Little Owl tried every switch in the house before agreeing that indeed, the electricity was off.

Here is a picture I did of the village Christmas party on Saturday. I only forgot a sweet in one of the 40 layers there were on the two Pass-the-Parcels – not bad going! The roof in the village hall is leaking worse than ever but at least this year we didn’t sit Santa directly under one particularly vicious drip. 2014 is the year of the hall refurb (remember how we can’t get funding to build a new hall but can to put on a new roof, new walls and move the hall over by several foot?! Read about it here and here. I moan about it every year!), so next year we should be able to celebrate in comfort. Little Owl was much happier about approaching Father Christmas for her present this year, although she did pose me this question, “Where is Father Christmas’ father?” Any ideas?

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