Father Christmas vacancy

This morning was bright and frosty. Ollie the new sheepdog puppy was tearing around the farmyard. She has earned herself the name of ‘The Mouth on Legs’ for her propensity to chew everything in her path. This is a piece I’ve been working on for college based on a child’s kaleidoscope but with a Christmas twist.

Last night was the planning meeting for the children’s Christmas party held in the village hall every year. We all scratched our heads to remember the names and ages of all the new babies born this year. Another problem to solve is who will play Father Christmas. The man who did it last year has had to retire. A new family have moved into the village and the dad was volunteered by his wife. None of the kids know him that well yet and hopefully his children are too young to recognise him all dressed up. There’s lots of dads around who’d be willing to do it but we all agree that you can guarantee at least one child shouting out, “That’s not Father Christmas! It’s…!” I’m in charge of cocktail sausages and Pass-the-Parcel. With over 40 children coming that’s a lot of layers!

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