Home again

We are not long back from dropping Little Owl off at her Summer Sportโ€™s Camp. Wren hummed merrily from under the pushchair rain hood while Finch was only a flicker of bright yellow mac whizzing along on his bike in the drizzly distance. Back home, dripping coats hang from hooks and soggy footwear makes puddles on the floor in the porch. Our holiday in Wales feels a long time ago. Before the weather warning hit last Friday we had enjoyed beach days, sea swims and sandy ice creams. It was a peaceful, restful time, with all the freedom and space we have come to treasure about our times away there. Back at home cucumbers were bursting out of the greenhouse door and I had only lost one sunflower to the gales.

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3 Responses to Home again

  1. Sal says:

    Hannah I love your blog! Just so you don’t feel like you are writing into a blank space

  2. Evy Browning says:

    Funny old weather, turning on a sixpence – & yes I remember those little things. Glad you only lost one sunflower.

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