Warmed twice

Look at all the digging I did this weekend! I am feeling proud, if a little achy. This weekend was the first dry(ish) opportunity to get over to the allotment and dig in all the lovely manure Big Dreamer had lugged over there in the autumn. We also planted the columnar cherry (Prunus Amanogawa) against the back fence in the garden, and a holly tree in the corner to prickle the local cats’ bottoms!

I finally put in my long-considered seed order too. Amongst others I ordered some miniature climbing pumpkins, called ‘Munchkin’. I am very excited about those pumpkins! I hope they live up to their reputation for being delicious and easy to grow. I decided to take Nigel Slater’s advice on celeriac, which is, not to bother with growing them from seed. I have ordered some plug plants that will arrive towards the end of April. Do you have gardening plans afoot?

In other news, we have a watertight roof! We also have an enormous pile of amazing old oak joists from the attic. They are incredible but will take Big Dreamer quite a while to chop up for firewood. But you know the saying, “Chop your own wood and it will warm you twice.” He’s raising an eyebrow at me!

Here’s some artwork from a recent commission on microbes and viruses for Centre of the Cell.

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2 Responses to Warmed twice

  1. Evy Browning says:

    Great to hear you’re watertight finally – think you’ll need it in the coming week or two. Very impressive bit of digging etc…. New shed installation & back gate set to begin 23rd April, once completed the brickie will come & do a low wall with a pathway, then finally I can start getting plants into the beds! Butterfly & bee friendly & slug resistant as far as I can manage though I only know of Penstemons at present………

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