Happy belated World Book Day!

magical stories, world book day, imagination, stars, planets, moon, Hannah Foley, illustrator, illustrationThe thaw has filled the river to bursting. The water meadows are all water and no meadow, reflecting back a gun metal sky. But everywhere in the natural world there is hustle and bustle. Out on my bike in the morning the vegetation is full of twittering birds. Rabbits lope off the tow path when they see me coming. Despite the big freeze of last week Spring marches on. Thank goodness! Here is an illustration I did for Exeter Illustrators to celebrate World Book Day last week. I’m posting it here for all the children like Little Owl, whose schools were closed and will be celebrating this week instead. Happy belated World Book Day!

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2 Responses to Happy belated World Book Day!

  1. Evy Browning says:

    Happy World Book Day! We’ve made it World Book Month with a whole selection of books purchasable at £1 providing for every book £3 or more purchased from the rest of stock – interesting £! books for both children & adults. Nice to see children (big ones too) getting excited about it. Love the paper leaved rocket & the analogy of escaping to & exploring the stars through reading, never mind reaching for the stars through reading.

  2. Hannah says:

    Oh well done Evy! World Book Month – I like it! Thanks for the lovely compliments 🙂

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