Mini Beast from the East

boys, playing, cars, garage, digger, lorry, children, illustration, illustrator, Hannah FoleyJust when we all thought it was safe to get going in the garden the ‘Mini Beast from the East’ struck. Were you all alright? I hope you managed to stay safe and warm. It caught us completely unawares. Despite the forecasts we couldn’t believe the snow would actually settle. This is Devon! We’d already had one dumping so that’s us done for the next ten years, right?! Nooo! Little Owl got another snow day from school on Monday. She and Finch played out in it nearly all day, creating magnificent snow forts and a whole pack of Snowdogs. Wren was full of cold so sat contentedly with me, reading stories by the fire. I cannot tell you how pleased I am that the builders had finished the roof. So, that should be it now, right……?!

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One Response to Mini Beast from the East

  1. Evy Browning says:

    Really didn’t think it would settle – but………… Snow Day for shop too sadly but the pavements were treacherously icy. So pleased the roof was back in situ – definitely not the time for al fresco living. Hope Wren recovers soon.

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