First Snowdrop

A genial old gent of a beech tree, covered in toadstools, was ripped in half by the gales last week. As Little Owl and I cross the farmyard we can see him laid out across the field. The stump has a crown of golden upwards-facing splinters. Although we have lost an old friend the gales have proved useful in one way…there is kindling aplenty. Since moving here and having a wood-burning stove I cannot pass a good piece of kindling without bringing it home. On occasion I have been known to be a little over ambitious but I just can’t bear to leave perfectly good fuel lying around! Little Owl and I came home with bundles of sticks and branches tucked under our arms today. We have also spotted the first snowdrop in the garden. Soon there will be rivulets of little white flowers streaming through the woods around our house.

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