This morning Little Owl and I crossed the fields to deliver a letter in the village. The morning glowed in the bright slanting light. As we neared the village we caught up with one of the farmers and his dog as he checked on his sheep. They accompanied us the rest of the way. We discussed the power cuts last week and our mutual concern over our freezers, although I think the contents of his might be a bit more valuable than mine.

Recently a friend of mine went on a course about toddler learning styles and apparently Little Owl is a textbook ‘transporter’, which means she likes to move things from one place to another. I decided to go with this, so today Little Owl and I built a train. What do you think? It is a hit with me as much as Little Owl, especially as Little Owl proved adept at clearing up…using the train to transport everything!

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  1. Sue says:

    What a cheerful, jolly train. I would like to travel in one like that. We made a racing car once, the kids drawing on wheels, dashboard, etc. Hours of fun to be had with a large cardboard box.

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