Missing person

We took down the Christmas tree the other day, carefully removing all the decorations and lights first. Big Dreamer braved the elements to take the tree outside, manhandle it over the fence and into the wood at the bottom of the garden. We have a beautiful little set of nativity decorations and it was only as I carefully replaced them back in their box that I realised one was missing. There were the shepherds, the kings, Mary and Joseph…but no baby Jesus! We hunted everywhere. Big Dreamer retraced his steps to see if he was still hanging on the tree but no sign of him. If it had been any other character I don’t think I’d have minded so much but to lose baby Jesus seems particularly bad form. Although it’s entirely ridiculous I will not be walking under any ladders or going out in thunderstorms for the next few weeks just in case the Almighty has taken offence.

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