Sticks and shoes

Today we went for a great walk in the woods. Big Dreamer found a long piece of wood which he intends to turn into a staff like Gandalf’s from Lord of the Rings. We drove home with it wedged through the car.

Yesterday I went to collect some logs from our wood shed to fill up the stash in the house. Our wood shed is in fact an old coal house so the walls are black and dusty. The golden logs glow like treasure against the darkness of the shed interior. It gives me a snug feeling to know we’ve got our fuel for the winter.

I also collected some kindling from the shed. We have an almighty stash of kindling. Last year huge amounts of twigs started appearing in the shed. At first we thought our next door neighbour must be finding good piles around the farm and putting them in there for us. It would be just like her not to say anything. The thing was it carried on until we could no longer get into the shed. We wondered how we would broach the subject to her as we didn’t want to offend her when she was being so kind. As time went on bits of feather and grass appeared amongst the twigs. We realised it was in fact a pair of jackdaws who were building a nest in our shed. They were getting in through a hole in the door and must have been getting pretty annoyed with us every time we tidied all their twigs up. Anyway, they have left us with the most amazing pile of perfect kindling. Big Dreamer says we should leave the door open for them next spring too.

I have drawn Little Owl’s new shoes. Yesterday we went shoe shopping for her. They are shiny and red. Little Owl likes them so much she wore them to bed last night.

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