Wannabe Wizards

Remember that long piece of wood Big Dreamer had collected from our weekend woodland walk? The one he was going to fashion into a Gandalf-type staff? He had left it leaning against the house outside the front door. It clouted me hard on the head as I walked out of the house this evening. Do you know, heads bleed a lot? Why can’t I have a normal husband who doesn’t dream of being a fictional character? I couldn’t be angry though because he had also bought me Shaun Tan‘s latest book as a ‘back to school’ present. Shaun Tan is an incredible Australian illustrator and writer. He has written some wonderful and unusual children’s books. This latest book is a collection of short stories beautifully written and illustrated by Shaun. So although I have a headache and am now quite nervous of that wannabe wizard’s staff I’m happily clutching my precious present.

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