First week back

First week back at college and it was straight down to business. We were given a three day project in which we collaborated with graphic design students to produce a zine in response to a randomly chosen location in Edinburgh. My group’s location was an industrial plot between Leith and Seafield. The area had once been a place where people would have come to sit on deck chairs on the beach, but no longer. We found nameless industrial buildings producing steam and smoke. The small bit of beach that was left was covered in rubbish and rubble. We collected up lots of the rubbish and used it as the basis for our zine. You can just about make out the image of a pay phone we found, on one of the pages above. The zine wasn’t the sort of thing I would produce but that is one of the points of collaboration in the context of college. It pushes me out of my comfort zone to experiment with people who work in very different ways to me. Still, a tough call in my first week back and with Little Owl suffering from a touch of Fresher’s Flu.

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