A little nervous tension

A slight hysterical breakdown occurred on the sheep project. Note to self: it is just about impossible to get A1 double-sided colour prints. After lots of sweating over InDesign (having never used it before!) I think it’s sorted. Hand in date is tomorrow so fingers-crossed. Thank you lovely lady in the print shop.

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2 Responses to A little nervous tension

  1. Al says:


    How’s it going demi-foles? I’m really enjoying the blog – please keep it up – feel v. proud that a sister-in-law of mine is putting such awesome pictures (of sheep) up on the internets :). Came across this site, http://spaceintext.wordpress.com/, and it may be a bit comic based for your sensibilities but I thought some of the illustration on it was pretty good so thought you might be intererest.

    Love to the parliament x

  2. Linda Foley says:

    Hi Han, glad u got the printing sorted. You have worked so hard and the sheep are amazing. Linda xx

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