Drawing Sheep

Seeing as everyone round these parts has been run off their feet with Lambing I decided to get involved by producing my own illustrated guide to British sheep breeds for my final project. Did you know that the UK has the largest number of sheep breeds in the world? Neither did I. A whole bottle of ink and several sketch pads later I definitely do know now! This guy is my favourite so far. He has a roguish look about him.

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3 Responses to Drawing Sheep

  1. norma tait says:

    Love masham Hannah. Also great to see gin gang again. How appropriate the name looks when written.
    Bopa xx
    ps. liked the largeness of illustration very much

  2. Joanna says:

    Hi, I love the masham illustration of yours, and wondered if you did complete a whole set of breeds as you mentioned in your blog above? I’m seeking out a whole set….

    • Hannah says:

      Hi Joanna, Thanks for your comment. I did do a whole book but it has now sold out and I won’t be doing a re-print. The Long Barn in Hampshire was stocking them (www.longbarn.co.uk). You could maybe get in touch with them directly to see if they could post you a copy if they have any left. Hannah x

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