Merry Christmas

At the weekend we completed our annual ritual of walk in the woods, sausage sandwiches in a twinkly barn, and Christmas tree purchase from the Dartmoor Park Rangers. Once home, we put on some Christmas tunes, fired up the wood burner and set about decorating the tree. Wren helped me put up glittery poinsettia garlands in the middle room. As the low winter sun crept around the house and found it’s way in at the window, Wren looked down at her arm in amazement. Glitter from the garlands had sprinkled all over her sleeve as we had tied them in place, and it sparkled in the sunlight. She looked up at me, her eyes full of wonder and whispered, “Mummy, I’m turning into magic!”

This is me signing off for Christmas. I’ll be working with my District Nursing hat on from Saturday through to Christmas Day. The children break up on Friday. The last of their Christmas plays was today. As usual, Little Owl stood behind the tallest girl in the class so that I could see nothing of her, but could definitely hear her belting out “…so bring some right here!’

Once again, a huge and hearty thanks to all of you who keep up with my adventures on this blog, especially now that I am following new creative (and not so creative!) paths. I shall return in the new year with more posts. In the mean time, have a really wonderful Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

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