As you can see Finch has been working hard on his Christmas cards. Each one has had extensive illustration work done throughout. It’s taken him a loooong time but finally they are ready to go out to his classmates.

In contrast, Big Dreamer and I will only be sending a smattering of cards this year and I feel quite torn about it. Many regular readers of this blog have kindly supported my Christmas card offerings in the past, and I love receiving Christmas cards myself, especially if they contain a bit of news. It’s a good way to stay connected with people that you would love to see more of but, in this particular season of life, it’s just not possible. Buying cards from local charities helps to support good causes, and buying from local artists helps to support small businesses too.

But, with the rising cost of postage and concerns about the environment we’ve decided that our Christmas card budget might be put to better use this year. In the past, Big Dreamer and I have worked with various hats on in the area of youth homelessness. It’s an issue we both feel particularly passionate about. Kids who have had a rough start in life through no fault of their own, often struggle to leave behind those disadvantages and successfully transition into adult life, trapped in a cycle of poverty and abuse. Many of these young people can find themselves homeless. Hostels and shelters are frightening places at the best of times, and they are places where young people can be exposed to problems we would never want our own children to witness.

Given all this, we’ve decided to donate our Christmas card budget to Centrepoint this year. Every year Centrepoint supports 10,000 16 to 25 year olds into a home and a job. They do a fantastic job, providing mentoring and support so that young people don’t just flounder once they’re off the streets. So, I hope you don’t mind receiving our Christmas greetings via a good cause this year. Happy Christmas one and all!

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