Early tomatoes going in!

The rain is pouring from the sky in torrents. On the allotment I lost a compost bin lid and the downpipe on my shed to the wind, but thankfully the greenhouse has come through with no ill-effects. Upstairs Finch is asleep in our bed. He knocked himself out cold at school last week in a collision with a child on a scooter. His teacher described the scene turning to slow motion as she ran towards the crash site and saw him briefly go airborne. I was called away from my placement to collect him, a bump of Easter egg proportions bulging from his forehead. He recovered no thanks to my regular neuro obs, pen-torch in hand to check his pupils were equal and reacting to light. Then on Saturday the wind smashed the garden gate shut on his thumb leaving him with a mighty blood blister under his nail. It perfectly matched one my dear old dad had. When we suggested they were thumb twins Finch fixed me with a firm look and explained patiently that it was not possible they could be twins because twins are people who are born at the same time. That told me! Then this morning he managed to fall off his chair backwards while eating his breakfast. Another egg bulged, this time from the back of his head, and only of crème egg proportions. I try not to think about all the things I’ve read about the long-term effects of concussion and have kept him off for the morning. We watch the rain tracking down the windowpanes and decide that these things always come in threes so he should be accident free for the next little while…!

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2 Responses to Eggs

  1. Evy Browning says:

    Oh my, hope Finch stays out of trouble for a bit so you can get on with things. Good you’ve got that essay behind you. The winds have been rather OTT so I’m glad you’ve managed to keep the greenhouse intact, hope it stays that way.

  2. Hannah says:

    There was another bump Evy! Glad the winds have died down now though.

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