Every by Wendy Cope

Every by Wendy Cope

Wren turned three at the weekend. I have been packing away her old clothes into bags to be passed onto my niece but goodness, I did feel funny about it. With each passing year the clothes get bigger and she’s not a baby anymore. With my last child a phase of my life is passing away. I happened to read this poem by Wendy Cope this week and I thought, yes that’s it. Even though life can feel like it’s flying by, it’s about treasuring each and every moment, even packing up the baby clothes.

You’ll be pleased to know I finished my essay and we also bought a peach tree last week. It’s an espalier and we hope to grow it up the garden wall. The wall is south-facing so you never know, we might actually get some peaches. Potatoes are chitting on the windowsill but I am resisting the urge to plant seeds. Just a couple more weeks…

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  1. Evy Browning says:

    Time is flying this year – seems strange we’re into Lent again.

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