Franklin Nights

There is an old Westcountry name for the nights of the 19th, 20th and 21st of May. These are the Franklin Nights, feared for bringing late frosts to the orchards and causing a bad harvest. Down this way it is believed that nothing tender should be planted out until these nights have passed. No one knows who Franklin is, possibly a disgruntled ale brewer or St Dunstan who sold his soul to the devil for these three nights. Whoever he was, we’ve escaped unscathed this year. The Franklin Nights have been warm and dimpsy. On Monday evening I watched a bat careering around our neighbour’s cherry tree in mad figures of eight, feasting on the evening’s insects. Aren’t they wonderful to watch? Amazing aerial acrobats!

Yesterday evening was another balmy one but I had somewhere to be. I have two pictures in the Exeter Illustrators’ exhibition Be Inspired 2018 at The Welcome Café on Exeter Quay. Yesterday evening was the Private View. It was wonderful to see all the fantastic artwork displayed in such a great location. I felt very proud to be exhibiting alongside such a fantastic bunch of illustrators. The icing on the cake was that the Lord Mayor came along and gave a speech! The exhibition is part of Art Week Exeter and is running from May 22nd to June 3rd. Head over for a browse and a cream tea if you’re in the area.

Next week is half term and theoretically we will be off camping (weather permitting!) so no post from me. I’ll be back the week after.

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  1. Evy says:

    Congratulations on the exhibition, great you’re in such a prominent place on the Quay. Fascinating to read of the Franklin Nights – never heard of those. It’s certainly balmy here at present. How exciting to see a bat – don’t think I’ve ever seen one. Have a super break with the children.

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