Aquilegia by Hannah Foley. All rights reserved ( breaks at this time of the year are to be savoured. Today the sun is out as I take up a comfy spot on the garden bench made for us by prisoners at HMP Dartmoor. Behind me buds are forming on our yellow rambling rose, Malvern Hills. In the beds, purple and cream aquilegia sway in the slight breeze. Two goldfinches flit around impatiently in our neighbour’s cherry tree, waiting for me to leave so they can visit the feeders. There is a gap between our new flagpole cherry and the shed, and I have been contemplating what we should put there. I have been looking at an Alder-leaved Serviceberry tree. Do you know it? Any thoughts? We needs things of upright habit in our little garden. Big Dreamer pricked up his ears when he heard it has edible fruits. Oh the homebrew possibilities! But I haven’t made up my mind, because that’s half the fun of gardening isn’t it? Chewing over the options and considering the possibilities. Humming and hawing with like-minded companions about the merits of this plant and that. Savouring the wonder of green growing things!

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2 Responses to Savouring

  1. Evy says:

    Hmm – not come across that shrub but looking at the specs it seems to fit your criteria. Have had goldfinches here too but at present the great activity taking place is the first day (I think) of the little sparrows in the nest box close to my window trying their wings out. That’s the first brood this year. Love the aquilegia photo.

  2. Hannah says:

    Little sparrows! That’s so exciting! Let us know how they get on!

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