Huffy herons

Hannah Foley, illustrator, illustration, children's book art, children, children's books, non-fiction, farm, cows, ducks, chickens, rooster, pigeons, sheep dog, horse, pick-up truck, hills, farmyardBirds, blossom and buds are all flourishing along the river banks now the weather has warmed and it has finally stopped raining. There are rabbits everywhere. I have disturbed the grey heron from his huntings several times on my bike, causing him to lope off on enormous wings with a huffy look on his face. Those black streaks over a heron’s eyes always look like ferocious eyebrows to me and they were definitely frowning in my direction. There is a swan’s nest on the canal bank which has been surrounded by orange plastic fencing by some helpful official. Having once happened on a group of school boys throwing rocks at a pair of swans on their nest on another canal, I am glad of this. It’s good to know people are keeping a watchful eye. Although, it must be said, the Cob looked perfectly capable of handling any trouble as I watched him seeing off some ducks who innocently infringed his personal space.

In other news Finch and I planted potatoes at the allotment last Saturday. While I prepared the trenches he undertook the important task of de-heading any dandelions he could find. He thought this was a fine job, especially if he could leap out and roar at them first. We also have a nearly completed loft conversion. Some stairs so we can get up there would just finish it off nicely!

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2 Responses to Huffy herons

  1. Evy Browning says:

    You’ve caught the character of the dog & geese beautifully not to mention the way that foremost calf is half turning…….. I just love looking for all your little details – those red wellies for example accented by the chickens’ & rooster’s combs. The herons do frown rather as they look so intently into the water for the next meal. One of the Quay Swans once took a fancy to one of the metal bits on my handbag, they’re not to be meddled with – mind you nor am I when it comes to my handbag………. I won!

  2. Hannah says:

    That’s hilarious! I’ve got a great mental image of you doing battle over your handbag! 😀

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