Milk Moon

octopus, colouring-in, black and white, The Wildlife Trusts, Hannah Foley, illustration, illustrator, non-fiction, educational, kids, children, families, sealife, learning, colouring, childrensbookartThe milk moon was enormous on Monday morning. It balanced on the ridgeline of the distant hills, silvery white against a dawn sky of orange and pinks. I watched a swan circle, its wings tipped with gold, then disappear behind the tree line. The weekend was a big one in our house. Little Owl went away on her first ever Brownie camp. The excitement had been building all last week as we gathered the kit list together. Big Dreamer took her and her friends to the rendezvous point and wished he’d worn ear defenders. Little Owl quadrupled, equaled an ear-damaging decibel range of high-pitched squealing and shrieking.

She returned on Sunday evening almost speechless with tiredness. We helped her straight into her pyjamas, spoon-fed her her tea, and tucked her up under her BFG duvet. Downstairs I unpacked her bags, relieved to find she’d come home with everything she’d taken and nothing she hadn’t. Tucked into the side of her suitcase was a white piece of printed paper. I straightened it out. It was a certificate, awarded to Little Owl for being the Most Helpful Brownie. What a proud mum am I!

The octopus above is one of four sea creatures commissioned by The Wildlife Trusts. They will be available at local Wildlife Trust visitor centres throughout the country over the summer so keep your eyes peeled!

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2 Responses to Milk Moon

  1. Evy says:

    Great to hear about Little Owl’s certificate – how delightful for you. Hope she’s recovered enough to cope with school this week. Love the octopus with his star spangled limbs. Your description of the moon is beautifully graphic, especially with the swan.

  2. Hannah says:

    Ahh – thanks Evy 🙂

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