Carnival night

purple, girl, cartwheel, ginger, orange, white, black, grey, purple, children, kids, illustration, hannah foley, illustrator, educational, education, schoolWe are in the thick of carnival season here in the Southwest. This is the time of year when most towns near us will put on a brightly lit procession through the streets. Carnival night is all about preparation. It is absolutely essential to queue up for fish and chips at the best fish and chip shop for miles around. It is also essential to wear copious layers. In fact small children must be wearing so many layers, pyjamas being the first, that they can’t bend their limb joints and have to walk stiff-legged. Next, the pot of coppers we have been saving all year must be distributed evenly between all the children in their chosen receptacle. Then everyone must heave and tug each other up (with an all important squeal from my mum) onto the old railway embankment and slither down the other side for the best viewing spot. Finally, we must lose someone in the crowds (my brother-in-law this year) and then we’re ready! The floats and walking entries ride on past, all blaring music and twinkling lights, and the children distribute their pennies. Then when it’s gone we stand for a while in the quiet darkness, then its time to scurry home to our beds!

We are away next week for a half term holiday so no post from me but I’ll soon be back!

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