Nightwear hi-jinks

purple, boy, grey, black, white, pink, brown, cake, school, children, kids, school, bake sale, hannah foley, illustrator, educational, picture booksThe days have remained golden here but the temperature has dropped. The heads of our sunflowers are bowing to the inevitable coming of autumn. The birds will have a feast from one specimen with a particularly enormous head. We’ll collect seeds from that one and hope that its progeny are just as magnificent. The leaves are yellowing on our trailing cherry tomato plants. They’ve been wonderful and have produced such a crop, which we are still harvesting now. Hundreds and Thousands is the variety, in case you’re interested.

The drop in temperature encouraged Big Dreamer to build a log store out of old pallets at the weekend. We have also put in our wood order to a nearby botanical garden who sell logs produced as a result of caring for their trees. Now to find a fireguard that is Finch-proof!

In other news, Little Owl is telling everyone the story of how I dropped her pyjamas in my tea. We have installed a Victorian-style drying rack to our kitchen ceiling, which you can raise or lower with a rope. Lowering it on one occasion to get the dry washing down, I hadn’t noticed that my cup of tea was on the sideboard, right below one end of the rack. In went Little Owl’s pyjama leg and hilarity ensued! I was less amused as it meant I had to wash them again.

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