Warm days

Photograph of limpets by Hannah Foley. All rights reserved (www.owlingabout.co.uk)We are back from a wonderful week in Wales. My mind is filled with delicious images: the particular smell of the sea from the deck of a boat, the sounds of wading birds far out across the estuary early on a hazy blue morning, the feel of a sandy little hand in mine, pulling at me to play. I close my eyes and savour them, storing them up as fond memories. We have returned to lots of little hard green spheres on the tomato plants in the garden and two enormous sunflowers. I’m in a state of paralysis about the garden. My rudbeckia that I grew from seed last year are still determinedly without flowers. What should I do with them? Should I transplant them to a sunnier spot or do they just need longer to establish themselves? The currant and gooseberry bushes have been decimated by sawfly and magpie moth. The currant is the least affected and is in a pot. Do they all need binning or could I save the currant? I’d hoped to donate the gooseberries to our local community garden. The summer holidays are coming to an end. We saw sloes in the hedgerows today and Finch shoved handfuls of ripe blackberries into his mouth despite the nettles. During the summer holidays the seasons always seem to me to stand still, then catch up with themselves in a tumble over the space of a day. There are school labels to sew on to stiff new uniforms and the children have suddenly grown out of their shoes, but for now I hope for a few more sunny days to see us through to the start of term.

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