Hosting a hedgehog

cyclist, helmet, lady, rucksack, yellow, red, green, spotty, turquoise, trainers, blue, maroonIn the meadow by the river, cow parsley flower heads dance like a sea of white saucers over a table cloth of golden grasses. Along the river banks hogweed umbrellas are drying out and dying back, giving room for other flowers to emerge. The yellow multi-flowered stalks of common wintercress are one, so called because it will be bright and green throughout December. The funny yellow button flowers of tansy are another. Apparently tansy cakes were eaten at Easter up until fairly recently. Its spicy flavour served as an alternative to expensive imported spices such as nutmeg and cinnamon. I’d love to give that one a go. I’ll have to hunt out a recipe.

This week our garden became the proud host to a hedgehog hotel made by Little Owl and Finch with Big Dreamer’s dad. It arrived at just the right moment because last night we discovered we were also playing host to an unofficial hedgehog hotel. A hedgehog had made a home in some old hanging basket liners being stored under some tarpaulin along with all our bikes and scooters (they’re all waiting for a shed – long story!). It was pretty clear it was a hedgehog from the droppings we found and sadly, for that very reason it couldn’t stay. Fortunately the hedgehog wasn’t home when we discovered its pad and we have moved the hanging basket liners into the new hotel under some bushes at the bottom of the garden. It’s a good spot to my mind, very near the log pile and right next to the compost bin which are both teeming with tasty hedgehog snacks, but who knows what a hedgehog will think to it. Later on in the evening I heard a determined rustling sound coming from the tarpaulin and am now feeling pretty bad about moving our prickly friend on. I hope he finds the new hotel soon because he’s very welcome here.

Next week we are disappearing up to Wales for a week’s holiday so you’ll have no post from me but I’ll be back the week after, no doubt with a few tales to regale you with!

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