Photo of St Anne's kite festival by Hannah Foley. All rights reserved ( the weekend we made it along to St Annes Kite Festival in Lancashire. We went a couple of years ago and this year was even better. So many more kites! It was really wonderful. The sun shone, the breeze blew, the kites flew. We have a real kite-flying bug in our house, mostly pretty single string kites with lovely long tails. I have a beautiful rainbow-coloured box kite that spins. Over the last year we got a bit more ambitious and bought a two-string stunt kite. Could we fly it? Not a chance. Up it would go, veer left (or right) and smash straight into the ground with a heart sinking splintering sound. Not deterred, we bought a two-string parafoil kite which has no frame. We had a modicum of success with that one, but not much more. It was all very disheartening. Anyway, the kite festival has set us up! We can now fly the stunt kite (ok, so Big Dreamer can and I’m eager to learn) and we learnt that the parafoil’s strings are all tied wrong so it wasn’t actually our ineptitude that meant it wasn’t flying. And all our other kites got a good outing too. Is there any better way to spend your afternoon than flying a kite? I’m not sure there is.

Also, here’s a big shout out for a lovely labradoodle puppy we met at the festival who was discovering sand for the first time. Can you imagine that?! So much fun!

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