Frost on the pumpkin patch. Photo by Hannah Foley. All rights reserved ( small patch of mould had started to form in a corner of the landing window frame. Little Owl spotted it and her eyes narrowed.

“Hmmm,” she said to me, hands on hips. “We’ll have to tell the cleaner about that.”

You just have done Little Owl. Cleaner indeed!

Here is a photo from our pumpkin patch, all covered in frost. The plants are still going strong and we have five pumpkins that will soon be ready to bring inside to ripen. I’m aware that I don’t put as many sketches up here as I used to, and I’m putting up a lot more photographs. In my student days I used to be able to give more time to this blog, hence more sketches. Nowadays, time is limited (two kids) and I’m most often sketching for the purposes of commissions so it’s not always professional to share work-in-progress. I think I’d rather be posting regularly without sketches to go with the posts (photos instead) than only posting when I have an illustration or sketch to show. What do you think? If you have a preference do comment below.

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  1. Nonna says:

    Love all your entries the illustrations are wonderful but your words and pictures are great too. Keeps me in touch with u all. x

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