A fishy mystery

A photo of frosty sorrel by Hannah Foley. All rights reserved (www.owlingabout.co.uk).This morning dawned bright, clear and frosty; the first frost of the season. We layered up with gloves, hats and coats to walk to school. Finch spent the journey trying to pull his gloves off with his teeth. When we got to school we found that something mysterious had occurred in the playground. Right, smack, in the middle of the playing field, frozen solid, was an enormous fish. It was not far off being as long as my arm and was about as stout as Finch. Parents and teachers alike stood around scratching their heads. There was no way anyone other than an Olympic Hammer Thrower could have got it there from the school gates, which would have been locked all weekend. It also wasn’t the sort of fish that you would find in your local fishmonger. It looked to me, like an enormous beige carp. The final diagnosis was that it must have been dropped by a bird, but how anything got airborne with it onboard I’ve no idea. No wonder the bird dropped it!

Here is the red-veined sorrel we grew in the summer, all covered in frost. It goes well with fish, but perhaps not this particular fish!

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