A soggy week

Sign for a Chocolate Tombola stall.It has been a soggy week in Devon and the house smells of Horlicks. Big Dreamer has been brewing a new batch of beer. The malty aroma has saturated every corner of every room. At the park Finch is enthralled by the way the seagulls knead the ground to bring up worms. He sidles up to one and joyfully begins pounding his own short legs up and down in mimicry, beaming at me with delight. The seagull glares at him and kneads even more ferociously, its knobbly yellow knees like little pistons. Itโ€™s the school Christmas fair today. Here is the sign I made for the Chocolate Tombola. As you can see it took a great deal of sacrifice on my part to complete the border.

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