"Little Owl the mousse." Sketch by Hannah Foley, All rights reserved (

Big Dreamer stepped out on to the pavement this morning and went sprawling. “Watch out for the ice!” he shouted back through the letterbox and slid off to catch his train. Fortunately Finch, Little Owl and I form quite a stable convoy for the school run. As long as Little Owl holds onto the pram we have eight feet on the ground (if you include wheels), but coming home was not so easy. Little Owl’s school is at the top of a hill and the weight of the pram on the descent gradually increased our pace until I had lost all semblance of control. The only option was to go with it, attempting to retain some steering capabilities by creating a slalom-like motion with my feet. The difficulty was avoiding the other slaloming parents!

The Christmas event calendar went into overdrive at the weekend and I loved it! We braved icy sleet to sing carols with a brass band and watch the Christmas lights being turned on in the town square. You can’t beat a brass band for getting you into the Christmas spirit. Little Owl posted off her Christmas list to Father Christmas. Number one on the list was a pair of roller skates. Big Dreamer and I looked at each other aghast; she hasn’t once mentioned wanting roller skates the whole year! Let’s hope there really is a Father Christmas because as far as I know, she won’t be getting roller skates. Then on Sunday, Little Owl performed in a pantomime at our local community theatre. For ages she has been telling us she was going to be a mouse (the pantomime being Cinderella). No wonder she looked mystified at our costume-related questions about her ears and her nose; when she waltzed on to the stage she wasn’t a mouse at all, but a dancing lady in pink and blue satin! I think the mouse must have come from the same place the roller skates did. I’ve imagined her here as a mouse all the same. Maybe I should have drawn her in roller skates too!

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  1. Nonna says:

    Little Owl was amazing, watched her with teary eyes

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